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Teen Model: Lilyhttps://swimrags.com/model-lily/ https://swimrags.com/model-lily/#commentsFri, 28 Jul 2017 11:55:12 +0000https://swimrags.com/?p=5520

Teen Model: Lily

Swim Rags – Poolside Photoshoot

Teen Model: Lily

Lily’s a talented and beatiful teen model that enjoys relaxing at poolside on sunny summer days.

Model: Kaleyhttps://swimrags.com/model-kaley/ https://swimrags.com/model-kaley/#respondSun, 09 Jul 2017 15:08:36 +0000https://swimrags.com/?p=5501

Model: Kaley

Swim Rags – Photoshoot with Kaley

Model:Model: Kaley

Kaley’s a beautiful model that enjoys relaxing poolside when she’s not busy pursuing modeling.

Swim Rags 2013 Bikini Calendarhttps://swimrags.com/swim-rags-2013-bikini-calendar/ https://swimrags.com/swim-rags-2013-bikini-calendar/#respondSun, 11 Jun 2017 16:23:39 +0000https://swimrags.com/?p=5302

Swim Rags Bikini Calendar 2013

Swim Rags – Bikini Calendar 2013

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The Bikinis

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Get Your Fitness Style On

Models: Amanda Marrieehttps://swimrags.com/models-amanda-marriee/ https://swimrags.com/models-amanda-marriee/#respondThu, 13 Apr 2017 14:43:23 +0000https://swimrags.com/?p=2031

Model: Amanda Marriee

Swim Rags – Photoshoot

Model: Amanda Marriee

 Just this side of heaven we happen to find ourselves eyeing the stunning beauty of fashion and bikini model Amanda Marriee.

Get Hooked on the Women of Salmon River Bikini Calendarhttps://swimrags.com/get-hooked-on-the-women-of-salmon-river-bikini-calendar/ https://swimrags.com/get-hooked-on-the-women-of-salmon-river-bikini-calendar/#respondThu, 28 Aug 2014 19:10:32 +0000http://swimrags.com/?p=832The 2015 Bikini Calendar was put together with a love for the outdoors in mind.


The Women of the Salmon River Bikini Calendar has a release date of September 2014 for our 2015 Sexy Bikini Calendar.


The 2015 Bikini Calendar was put together with a love for the outdoors in mind. The sexy bikini models gracing the pages of the 2015 Calendar were all cast from within a 50 mile radius of the Salmon River, which is located in Oswego County NY. The Salmon River stretches

Women of Salmon River Bikini Calendar 2015 - Cover Model: Caity Branigan

Women of Salmon River Bikini Calendar 2015 – Cover Model: Caity Branigan

17 miles of the most beautiful hardwoods and hill country of Oswego County. The river wanders its way from Lighthouse Hill Reservoir carving a path of majestic beauty along its way until it reaches it’s destination of Lake Ontario in Port Ontario, NY where it empties.


Bobby D. Badboy, CEO of Swim Rags had this to say, “We’re an established brand that has deep roots in the outdoors and we were honored to be part of this project.”


The Salmon River offers some of the most exciting sport fishing in the world. You can expect to catch Trophy King and Coho Salmon, as they begin their runs in September through November. The Salmon River, also boasts a great fishery of fast, hard fighting, Steelhead and Brown Trout. They, too, begin to run and can be caught anywhere from September and into early May.


Lead Bikini Calendar Photographer, Christian Grabowski said, “. . .I was loving the repsonse. . . So, I proceeded to start shooting the calendar and obtaining sponsors for it. Everyone involved has been a joy to work with and very cooperative with everything that I needed.”


The Women of the Salmon River Bikini Calendar was produced with the purpose of bringing National attention to Oswego County Region – so more outdoorsmen and outdoorswomen could come to experience the excellent untapped fishery of the area and to promote local area businesses.

Capt. Rich DeMong of New York Guide Service, one of the Calendar Sponsors had this to say, “With the publication of this calendar, we hope to reach some of the millions of people that live within a 6 hour drive to Pulaski, NY. I look forward to promoting our region in the future. . .”


Sponsoring the bikini calendar was an easy decision for Swim Rags Swimwear & Apparel and was a perfect fit, as the clothing brand employs environmentally safe manufacturing and design practices. Bobby D. Badboy, CEO of Swim Rags had this to say, “We’re an established brand that has deep roots in the outdoors and we were honored to be part of this project.”


Swim Rags is an exclusive brand for purchasing unique swimsuits, cover-ups, and trendy fashion accessories. The bikinis you see featured in the 2015 calendar can be purchased from their online shop at www.swimrags.com


About Swim Rags

Swim Rags – Swimwear (www.swimrags.com) is committed to providing the highest quality of swimwear to the global marketplace. In this process, we remain strong to our beliefs of becoming a responsible steward of the environment. We recognize that it is our responsibility to protect the planet in which we live and swim. Keeping with this vision we are committed to improving our environmental practices by implementing principles that seek to minimize our carbon footprint, partner with vendors and organizations that promote environmental preservation.

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