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No Experience Required

The creative minds at Swim Rags know that a good photo is crucial for generating interest in our products and most importantly driving sales. Our team relies on photographers like yourself to create compelling images of our swimsuits, bikinis, sundresses, tee shirts, and other fashion clothing so we can showcase them beautifully on our website, online catalog, and social media pages!

Doing this right requires some special skills—specifically, an eye for detail combined with creativity when shooting fashion layouts or portraiture shots on the beach or in outdoors.

Are You Ready? You can get started by submitting yourself by using the form provided.

How to Apply to be a Swim Rags Freelance Photographer

We know you’re anxious to get started, so we’ll give you a quick introduction here.

The New Photographer Signup questionnaire below will ask for several details; don’t worry if you do not have answers to any of the questions you can skip those items and move forward with the submission of your application!

Please Note

We’re not looking to Hire Photographers for Payment, we’re only seeking to collaborate with you on your photography skills and time. You will be exploring the world of photography with us while also gaining valuable experience working on an established fashion brand that has already helped many other aspiring photographers before you that might have been just starting out in this field – we can show you how it’s done!

We’ll provide you at no cost with you a clothing item of ours to photograph with a model of yours and our choosing. There really isn’t anything else except commitment from all parties involved.

With that out of the way – We’re always looking for passionate individuals to help expand our team. If you agree with these terms, please feel free to click the button and submit your new photographer application today!